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About Me

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My name is Olivier Tille. I'm a web developer from France, currently living and working in the Freiburg area in Germany.

Being a web developer is not only my profession but first and foremost my passion. I strongly believe in an open and accessible web for everybody.


Some projects I recently worked on:

  1. Les jardins de terre rouge Les jardins de terre rouge Anne Delienne
  2. AMG Performance Tour 2012 AMG Perf. Tour 2012 Bruce B. GmbH
  3. Adidas MiCoach Adidas MiCoach Isobar Canada
  4. Malibu Rum Android App Malibu Rum Android App Isobar Canada
  5. Sleeman's Brewerie Sleeman's Brewerie Isobar Canada
  6. Wonderbug Wonderbug Isobar Canada


You can contact me on Google+ or Twitter